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Slaukšana piena vadā

Piesietās turēšanas kūtīm ir pieejama efektīva slaukšanas metode. Mēs piedāvājam plašu moduļveida produktu klāstu ar ērtu un ekonomisku vadāmību.

Carry 10TCarry10T tcm208-82360

Vieglais aprīkojums!

Vieglais aprīkojums ar pārbaudītu un pierādītu pulsatora tehnoloģiju un piena plūsmas kontroli (iespējams).




Slaukšanas vadības ierīces

Sistēmas tehnoloģija piesietas turēšanas kūtīm

Slaukšana piesietās turēšanas kūtī nozīmē ciešu kontaktu starp cilvēku un dzīvnieku, tāpēc slaukšanas vadība no GEA Farm Technologies uzlabo efektivitāti un padara slaukšanu piesietās turēšanas kūtīs ērtāku un ekonomiskāku. Stimulēšana, pulsācija, automātiskā iekārtu noņemšana -   tehnoloģijas, kas paaugstina piena kvalitāti un tīrību.

Iesācēju modelis ar automātiskām funkcijāmDeMax CT Quadro tcm208-82345

Slaukšana piesietās turēšanas kūtī nozīmē ciešu kontaktu starp cilvēku un dzīvnieku. Jaunā veida slaukšanas kontrole no GEA Farm Technologies nodrošina ekonomiskāku un ērtāku slaukšanu. T sērijas produktus ir vieglāk lietot, kā arī tie piedāvā automātiskas funkcijas.

Demax CT   automātiskās funkcijas, palīdzēs Jūsu darbā. Tas brīdinās Jūs, ja piena plūsmu ir zema, kā arī indikatora lampiņa parādīs, kad slaukšanas ir beigusies. Visi T sērijas produkti, arī Demax CT elektroniski kontrolē pulsāciju un pulsācijas posmus. Demax CT un StimoPuls stimulēšanas tehnoloģija nodrošina, izcilu stimulāciju dzīvniekam, konkrētā laika posmā, kam ir izšķiroša loma veiksmīga slaukšanā. StimoPuls un gumijas ieliktņu kombinācija nodrošina pupu intensīvu masēšanu, kas veicina labāko piena izdali. Pateicoties zemam vakuumam slaukšana ir īpaši maiga.
Jūsu ieguvumi:
→ Izcils sākuma modelis
→ Maiga slaukšana ar zemu vakuumu
→ Laika kontrolēta stimulatora fāze
→ Brīdināšana zemas piena plūsmas gadījuma
→ Elektroniska pulsatora kontrole

DeMax 50T tcm208-82347Flashing and acoustic signals keep you informed.

DeMax 50 T combines the functions of the DeMax CT with added features in an entirely new design with a stable polycarbonate casing. The flashing and clearly audible signals on a DemaTron 50T let you know when milking has finished. You can be working somewhere else in the barn and still know what is happening, which saves you having to make unnecessary inspection rounds.

When the milk flow stops the unit automatically removes the cluster. With the aid of an electronically controlled motor the cluster will be removed gently. Smooth surfaces and rounded edges make maintenance and cleaning easy.

You can connect all T series units of GEA Farm Technologies via QuadroFix connections to milk line, pulsation and electronic supply.

The standard quality of GEA Farm Technologies ensures: simple, time-saving operation and adjustment, labor-saving automation and self-monitoring for long-lasting reliability.

DemaTron 40T tcm208-82349Perfect animal control with milk yield display

DemaTron 40T senses he exact milk flow. It provides you with data on the milk yield. The automatic pulsation is switched off at just the right moment.

Maintain control over productivity.

The unit adds up the milk yields for each milking unit. Milk yield tells you all about the animals health, its feeding and performance. All this data means that you know everything about productivity in your installation.

With the exception of DeMax CT, all T series units come in the newly designed, ergonomic polycarbonate housing. This housing protects the electronic components and at the same time acts as your data centre. Milk yield, milk flow or milking times are easily visible in the clear display.

DemaTron 50T tcm208-82351Automatic cluster removal included

With the help of an electronically controlled motor, DeMax 50T and DemaTron 50T automatically remove the cluster when the milk flow stops. Before the motor puts pressure on the cluster, the T series units shuts off the vacuum. The teat cups are vented, which means that the cluster can be gently released from the udder. Only then does the motor start up and register exactly how strong the vacuum force is. If the vacuum is higher than it should be, the motor automatically reduces the force and then cautiously begins to increase it again. This take-off technique is extremely sensitive and kind to the animal. Over-milking is impossible with DemaTron 50T.

DemaTron 50T combines the highlights of the T series in one superb unit:

Thanks to QuadroFix, the DemaTron 50T can be connected to the milk line in a flash. The stimulation pulsator StimoPuls reduces manual work when positioning the milking equipment. The milk yield display controls and stops the milking process at the optimum moment. The innovative automatic take-off function makes work easier. The result is healthy udders, motivated animals and more efficiency in your stanchion barn.

Everything with the touch of a hand: Connection and milk flow sensor

QuadroFix saves time and work. As with all milking control units from GEA Farm Technologies, the T series units are connected to the milk line, pulsation vacuum and power supply via the QuadroFix Combi connection. The milk flow sensor is integrated in the handle. The milk flows directly into the milk line, which creates optimal vacuum conditions.

Your benefits at a glance:
→ Time savings when connecting the milking control unit
→ Optimal vacuum conditions: The milk flows directly into the milk line.
→ The milk flow sensor is integrated in the handle.
→ Simple, flexible installation: The distance between milking and pulsation line can be freely chosen.

DeMax30 Quickstart tcm208-82355Time controlled cluster removal

Time has always been a costly commodity for you and for your animal. DeMax 30 is the economical solution for keeping milking times animal-friendly while, at the same time, milking more quickly. The basic milking times and other possible parameters are set on the main control unit and the information processed in the auxiliary control units. These auxiliary control units manage four milking places and control the cluster removal. DeMax 30 reduces over-milking by time controlled cluster removal and lowers the stress on the udder.

A press of the button and the time starts running.

By pressing a button the milking process runs on pre-determined tracks. You can give the start signal by pressing the remote start button. The basic milking time set on the main control unit can be adjusted according to the breed of the animal. The few controls are easily visible and perfectly adapted to the ergonomic requirements of the operator.

Your benefits at a glance:
→ Faster milking thanks to an simple an ergonomic operating concept
→ Remote start key with indicator lamp
→ Visualization of the milking process
→ Can be used for different herd sizes and types
→ Can be retrofitted into group and rotary milking parlors
→ Available in three designs:
  - With vacuum shut-off only
  - With cluster removal cylinder
  - With cluster removal cylinder and rapid ventilation
→ Milk safe can be integrated (optional)

DeMax 55 tcm208-82357The all-rounder with an unbeatable price-performance-ratio

The DeMax 55 milking control unit offers you an intelligent entry point into the modern automated milking process and a perfect solution, if cluster removal is of primary importance. Individual pulsator control is a further base function of all GEA Farm Technologies milking control systems. In particular, the use of StimoPuls ensures that the milking process begins in the best way for your cow: with the best equipment, in an effective and gentle manner!
With its automatic shut off DeMax 55 can control the pulsator.
The first possible upgrade is incorporating automatic cluster removal. In addition the DeMax 55 can also take on an optional extra, such as the kick-off switch. The DeMax control unit with its electronic intelligence controls the milking process from start to finish, while incorporating a number of important milking control functions. The result: Optimized milking.

DeMax 60 represents maximum removal comfort

Whether BackFlush, PosiCare or kick-off switch dependent on your individual wishes the DeMax 60 can be expanded using various components. The start of milking is particularly gentle if your cow is milked with StimoPuls.The DemaTron 60 has an unbeatable price/performance ratio. The combination of workload reducing cluster removal and milk yield display is very attractive. Entry into the future of milking technology has never been so easy, then with the all-rounder.
Your benefits at a glance:
→ Faster milking due to automation
→ Operation terminal
→ Automatic Cluster removal (optional)
→ Important milking control functions
→ Unbeatable price-performance-ration
→ Can be expanded with various components