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Ganāmpulka vadības programmatūra

The information butler with new reproduction management

The system ensures more performance and pays maximum attention to customer support:  DairyManagementSystem 21 records individual animal and system relevant data with help of the components of the DPNet network. Data is transferred and evaluated by the DairyPlan herd management software. The result is: You obtain all data reliably at a glance: Activity, feed consumption, yield at the milking parlor - the analysis of the production data by the software produces a constant reflection of the performance and behavior of each animal. Clear  evaluations for each animal in terms of the specific animal groups provide the basis for early intervention in all areas.


Thy system ensures more performance and pays maximum attention to customer support: Adapted to farm and animal specifics the peripherals are automatically controlled, e.g. stimulation with Metatron 21. Further automated features of the DPNet network such as the operation of entry and exit gates, help you to optimize working routines in the milking parlor.

One program leads the way to maximum performance

tcm-0-0-0 tcm208-81901Today, anyone who wants to produce milk successfully must have a firm grasp of all of the important factors like a manager. When planning, executing and controlling the dairy, reproduction, feeding and animal health detailed information from reliable sources must be monitored and integrated.  This enables you to make important decisions at the right time.

Add value and save time:

Many aspects of daily herd management work can be automated reliably. DMS 21 is a very flexible solution. Following the modular building block principle it can be adapted to all dairy farm sizes and requirements. Major components of the systems are custom-made milking management systems, out of parlour feeding, in parlour feeding systems, animal segregation, animal Identification, automatic heat detection and many more.

The herd management software DairyPlan C21 represents the heart of the system.

Everything at a glance:

The performance of every single animal, the herd performance and farming results: DairyPlan C21 is an easy to use and easy to understand program for all herd sizes.

Get a complete overview of the performance and behavior of each animal: milk yield, fertility, health and feed consumption. Clearly structured analyses on the basis of single animal, group and herd data provide the basis for timely action. Animal health is always the primary concern. Constantly monitoring for top performance and any drops in form DairyPlan C21 leads the way to the best yield performance whilst still looking after the individual animal.

Your benefits at a glance:
→ Process control for dairy technology
→ Centralized herd management with all animal and production data
→ Management functions at numerous levels such as reproduction, feeding, milking, health
→ Diverse evaluations available in graph or tabular format  
→ Seamless integration with custom-made systems for milk quantity determination

DairyPlan is also available as G21 for goats and S21 for sheep.

Stay mobile!

DPMobil  tcm208-82372Manage your herd on the run where ever you want with the pocket size herd management.  DPMobil software on a handheld PC compatible device enables you to access all animal data where you want when you want, independently of your work station PC.

In the parlour or out in the field - you can have your herd's data with you at all times.

Your benefits at a glance:
→ Convenient: fits in the palm of your hand
→ Flexible: data for each animal is available at the touch of a button
→ Time saving: Enter data directly in the handheld device, synchronizing your data again at the base station
→ Practical: good display visibility even in the dark
→ Compatible: real organizational talent with many other useful programs
→ Water proof: tailor made pouch for protection against water splashes and dirt

For a complete health record

DPVet tcm208-82374It is very important for a healthy livestock to identify diseases early. Whether it concerns the analysis of deviating animal data or the management and performance of the corresponding treatments: DPVet, in conjunction with DairyPlan C21, keeps a medicine stock log in accordance with ISO 9002. This extensive automation of health control and the treatment of disease helps you keep control over your herd with a minimum amount of work and a maximum yield from your cows.

Your benefits at a glance:
→ Easy clear medicine management to ISO 9002
→ Complete, on-time identification of the need for treatment when animals are sick
→ Each individual treatment is introduced, administered and checked

The virtual index card

The GEA Farm Technologies identification system DMS ID is required for automatic recording and processing of each animal. This information is the life blood of successful herd management. In the milking parlour or in the office, animals with a low milk yield and high conductivity, for example, can be displayed automatically as having suspected mastitis.

Your benefits at a glance:
→ Master data on the animal
→ Information on the current lactation
→ Graphical representation of the measurement results
→ Call up DPTableGraph- graph generator
→ Call up DPVet- program for inputting animal data