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Pakaišu produkti ZorbiSan Plus

A cleaner herd for less work

Zorbisan tcm208-83646ZorbiSan Plus is a natural bedding conditioner for professional stall hygiene management.
For cleaner and drier lying and walkway surfaces Reduces bacterial growth and lessens the odour in stalls for dairy cattle and other livestock.
An important pillar in your stall hygiene management.

High moisture absorbency - optimized stall hygiene

Lying and walkway areas are always dry and clean. Enhances hoof health by keeping hooves dry.

Reduces bacterial growth

ZorbiSan Plus excellent absorbency helps prevent bacterial growth on damp surfaces.

Cleaner cows cleaner teats better milk quality

ZorbiSan Plus absorbs the moisture from manure and urine and keeps udders and teats dry and clean.

Time saving

Perfect bedding conditioner saves time when cleaning the udders before milking. Fine particulate composition, easily removable bedding layer

Less flies better performance

Inhibits growth of fly grubs. Fewer flies make for increased well-being and higher animal productivity.

Animalhygiene Bedding Powder ZorbiSan 1 tcm208-83648Improved stall environment

ZorbiSan Plus reduces ammonia and hydrogen sulphide emissions in the stall air. Workers and animals feel more comfortable + are more efficient

Versatile use

For calves, pigs, sheep + goats, hens, horses &

Especially animal-friendly and user-friendly

- Ingredients authorized as animal feed
- Excellent reaction with manure
- Authorized for use as bio-insecticide
- Compatible with biogas systems