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Nagu higiēna

Professional foot care keeps your animals healthy.

With GEA Farm Technologies foot care products you can really save veterinary costs. Detergents and foot baths for pre-cleaning or disinfection ensure foot care on high level. Our GEA Farm Technologies hygiene specialists will customize your foot care concept.

Foot care becomes very easy with GEA Farm Technologies Pedico care products. Our product line consists of pre-cleaning and disinfection of hooves. That´s ensure perfect foot care.

Kanister PedicoPre 178x100px tcm208-83617

Mazgāšanas līdzeklis PedicoPré
PedicoPré is a special, concentrated cleaner to pre-clean hooves immediately before disinfectant footbath.

Kanister PedicoPre 178x100px tcm208-83617

Dezinfekcijas līdzeklis PedicoSan
PedicoSan is a concentrated disinfectant use as a footbath application.

Kanister PedicoTop 178x100px tcm208-92048

Izsmidzināms produkts Pedico Top
PedicoTop is to be applied to the hoof directly.

PedicoSan is a concentrated disinfectant use as a footbath application to optimize hoof hygiene. It is particularly designed for the primary bath of the PediCuRx-System and easy to use.

The effective disinfectant concentrate kills germs and therefore reduces the risk of infection. The certification to EN 1656 confirms PedicoSans reliable and widespread effectiveness against bacteria.

PedicoSan Collage tcm208-83620

PedicoTop is a foot disinfectant, to be applied to the hoof directly and undiluted. This enables hooves of individual animals to be treated without using a hoof bath.    

    The disinfectant is applied directly onto the hooves undiluted. This prevents contamination or mistakes with dilution and saves operator time.
    The 1-litre spray bottle is extremely useful for individual and versatile use on specific animals or hooves
    PedicoTop also reliably lowers the risk of infection and has been successfully tested to EN 1656

PedicoTop Collage tcm208-83623

If your cows hooves are prone to disease, your business will soon be standing on shaky ground. Make sure your success and keep the health of your animals firmly under control.

And, at last, this is now easier and more effective than you thought: the best way to correct hygiene management is shown by the new hygiene bath PediCuRx from GEA Farm Technologies.

PediCuRx 01 178 tcm208-83632

PediCuRx manual or PediCuRx automatic
Choose from the options available for a well dispensed

PediCuRx 02 178 tcm208-83635

The basis of really healthy hooves
The effective combination of exclusive footbath technology and powerful hygiene products.